Door in the Dragon's Throat

Stone 588: Door in the Dragon's Throat

Review by Rotwang

Fullerton-based death rock act Stone 588 has been slowly gaining a far-reaching and extremely loyal fanbase around the world, particularly with the old-schooler since their formation in 1992, and after hearing their debut album "Door in the Dragon's Throat," it is easy to see why. With a sound based on post-punk era of the early 80's so popular with the gothic scene to this date, and taking in a new and completely original direction thanks to guitarist Dave Rhine's tribal rhythims and vocalist Terri Kennedy's wholly unique operatic voice, Stone 588 captures the essence of the old death rock sound and portrays it in a whole new light. "Door in the Dragon's Throat" combines newly rengineered tracks from their demo releases such as "Lightning Rails," popular since its inclusion of X's "The Disease of Lady Madeline" compilation, with six completely new tracks. With a total of 21 tracks and 75 minutes of music, you definately get your money's worth when you get this one. Fans of the old death rock scene of the 80's should definately look into this one, if they haven't already, as this should be right up their alley.

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