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Android Lust
So far this one woman band seems to be interesting...
Official Site

English band who mixes classical and electronic.
Official Site/Projekt Site

Main project of Akifumi Nakajima.
An Aube Site

Beat Mistress
Solo effort of Deathride 69's Linda LaSabre.
A Beat Mistress Site

Bel Canto
Norwegian electronica with female vocals.
Tor's Bel Canto Site/Another Bel Canto Site/Danny Maack's Site

black tape for a blue girl
Sam Rosenthal's band.
Official black tape for a blue girl Site/"with my sorrows" Fan Club Site

Glenn Branca
If you don't know who this guy is, click now!
Official Glenn Branca Ensemble Site/Ascension Site

Mexican death metal!
Official Site/Machetazos Site

Claire Voyant
Also, check out Rotwang's interview!
Official Claire Voyant/Nocturne Records Website/Xcellent's Claire Voyant Page

Clock DVA
Pioneering industrial/synthesizer band.
Unoffical Clock DVA Website

Leonard Cohen
Renowned poet and songwriter.
Official Site/Leonard Cohen Shrine

A good LA-area industrigoth band.
Official Site

Cradle of Filth
Orchestrated black metal.
Official Site/Haunted Shores Site/Haunted Shores Mirror/Second Haunted Shores Mirror/Asphyxiated Oblivion/Another Cradle of Filth Site/Drachir's Site/Elohim Meth/Nijad's Page/Pandora's Box Unhinged/The Cradle of Filth Clan

Their vocalist sounds like an 8-year-old...
Official Site/All Access Site/An Unoffical Site/Pale Blue Sky/Maybe I'll Smile/Christopher Edward Inman's Page/Collectors' Listings/Dedicated Records' Page

Death metal with a female vocalist who growls and screams and (gasp!) sings, too!
Official Site/Metal Blade's Site/Chainsaw's Page

Dead Can Dance
Great band on 4AD.
Official Site

Official Deicide Page at Roadrunner Records/An Unofficial Deicide Homepage/The Caco-Dæmon Page/Killing Christians/Mark's Deicide Page

Die Form
Philippe Fichot's amazing Fetish-Wave project.
Assimilation Site/Metropolis Records' Site/Hyperium's Site/La Société Anonyme Fan Club/Bulletin Board

Einstürzende Neubauten
Pioneering industrial band from Germany.
Official Website/Mute Liberation Technologies Site/House of Lies/An Unofficial Einstürzende Neubauten Site/A Spanish Einstürzende Neubauten Site

Christopher Franke
Official Site at Sonicimages

John Frizzell
The composer behind VR.5.
A John Frizzell Site

Nina Hagen
Has some great Nina Hagen pictures at her most demented.
Nina Hagen, Superstar

Japanese drum ensemble.
Official KODO site

György Ligeti
Why is György Ligeti considered classical?
Sony Classical Site

Love is Colder Than Death
To bad they sort of fell apart...
Metropolis Records Site

Wonderful mix of etherial and noise(?)
Lovesliescrushing at the Project Web

Love Spirals Downwards
Site run personally by Ryan Lum.
Projekt Site

The original dark ambient/psychoacoustic band.
Official Lustmord/Side Effects Site

Check out Rotwang's interview with Mike Van Portfleet!
The Lycium/Projekt's Lycia Site

Mara's Torment
Check out Rotwang's interview with Rik McLean!
Mara's Torment Website

The Machine in the Garden
Check out Rotwang's interview with Roger Frace and Summer Bowman!
The Machine in the Garden Homepage

Sad, majestic music for kings...
Official Mortiis Site

Australian Hardcore/Noise/Gabber.
Official Site

A nice little band with a hard to pronounce name.
Volker Meyer's Qntal Site/Qntal at Chrom Records

Graeme Revell
Not very much on the Internet about him. See also SPK.
A Graeme Revell Site

The Shadow Dance
Finnish goth band.
Official Site

The Shroud
See Rotwang's interview with Lydia Fortner!
The Shroud's Homepage

Mark Snow
Composer for such shows as "The X-Files", "Millennium", and "Nowhere Man".
A Mark Snow Site

KILL! KILL! KILL for inner peace and mental health!!!
Hellfire's SPK Site

Stone 588
Tribal death rock featuring Terri Kennedy from Ipso Facto.
Stone 588 Homepage

Sunshine Blind
Haven't heard anything about these guys in a while...
Official Sunshine Blind Site

Switchblade Symphony
Those two wacky girls...
Official Site/Chaos Control Site/The Dollhouse/theCORE Picture Archive/A Switchblade Symphony Site/Ron Dador's Site/Glittering Heaven

Throbbing Gristle
Gotta love good ole' TG!
Entertainment Through Pain

Synthesizer pioneer.
Official Vangelis Site

Victims Club
Website design by none other than Rotwang!
Victims Club Homepage

An up-and-coming San Francisco band.
Wench Web

Hans Zimmer
Check out the "Ask Hans" page! Also check out Zinfo.
Media Ventures

Record Labels...

Alternative Tentacles
Jello Biafra's label.

American Recordings
Great variety of independent bands.

Bloody Fist Recordings
Label for Australian gabber bands such as Nasenbluten.

Chrom Records
German label.

Cleopatra Records
Lots of bands on this one...

Cold Meat Industry
Scandiavian industrial label.

Deux ex Musica
New label run by The Machine in the Garden.

Earache Records
Home of Anal Cunt!

Fierce Recordings
Label for bands such as Cradle of Filth and My Dying Bride.

4AD Recordings
Many great bands have called this label home...

Hyperium Recordings
German record label that carries Die Form, Love is Colder Than Death, Chandeen, and many others.

Metal Blade Records
Good death metal label.

Metropolis Recordings
Still under construction last time I checked.

Has some good bands on it from time to time.

Nuclear Blast Records
I love the radiation symbol...

Projekt Web
Home for Projekt Records and all it's bands.

Roadrunner Records
Home of Brujeria, Deicide and many others...

Scream Records
Independent label that used to carry Sunshine Blind, among others.

Side Effects
Label Graeme Revell started in the 70's.

Soleilmoon Recordings
Available through the Projekt/Darkwave catalog.

Sonic Images
Label Christopher Franke founded after leaving Tangerine Dream.

Sony Classical
Classical music fans click here.

Tess Records
Mostly goth/etherial bands.

Varese Sarabande
Check out these guys if you are into film composers.

Wax Trax!/TVT or