Dreams Like Mine

Mara's Torment: Dreams Like Mine

Review by Rotwang

Mara's Torment is the ambient/experimental project of Toronto's Rik McLean. Incorporating analog synths, pianos, and light soundscaping, Mara's Torment has a sound somewhat reminiscent of black tape for a blue girl's more ambient stuff combined with the staticky bubblings sounds of Ukiyo. The result is a fairly dark effect that is best listened to in a sensory deprivation tank. Or, for those of us who don't have a sensory deprivation tank, your room at night with the lights turned out should suffice. The overall sound is very minimal and sublime, allowing your mind to drift off and wander without causing too much distraction. The sounds seem designed to affect you more on a subconsious level for just this affect. Occasionally the sounds will bring you out of your theta-reveries by suddenly incorporating a simple drum beat, but soon, thereafter, your mind becomes adjusted to this and once again drifts off into la-la land. In other words, this one is exactly that: ambient. It is designed to be put at a low volume and played in the background. Whether it is played in the background of a conversation or your thoughts, it is all up to the listener.

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