LUXT: Razing Eden

Review by Rotwang

"Razing Eden" is the latest release from Sacramento-based industrial act LUXT, and at over 70 minutes long, this CD definately gives you your money's worth. The name of the album implies to "destroy" or to "cut away" and the artwork displaying polluted industrial cityscapes seems to suggest some sort of message of Man's destruction of paradise or "Eden." At any event this all and all a fairly enjoyable release. Since I have not not heard any of their other albums, I don't know how it compares to their earlier work, although I have heard it is a bit different due to there being less emphasis on guitars. Upon first listen, "Razing Eden" sounds a lot like Nine Inch Nails, especially since LUXT frontman Erie Loch has a voice somewhat similar to Trent Reznor. However the similarities end shortly when we hear Anna Christine beginning to share the vocals and handling much of the more aggressive vocal work herself, while leaving the gentler part to Erie (a nice little twist; usually the male handles the more aggressive parts). Besides, I happen to like this disc a whole lot better than Trent Reznor ever put out. LUXT's playmanship really shines during their cover of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir." Other songs that catch my ear are "Spite," which for some reason inpires vistas and cityscapes (I don't know why; the song is about...spite), and "Perpetusex," a very melodic piece. That appears to be one of the major strengths of LUXT: to balance aggression and melody without sacrificing either of the two. As a whole, "Razing Eden" takes a middle road: somewhere between Lycia and Deicide. They retain enough composition and melody appeal to the Switchblade Symphony crowd, but have enough hard core aggression to appeal to even the death metal crowd. At recent concert of theirs, I actually saw both types of people...and everything in between. So, if your musical tastes lie somewhere in this vast category, I would give "Razing Eden" a listen.

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