Suzanne and Ryan

Love Spirals Downwards: Flux

Review by Rotwang

The fourth and latest album by famed etherial act Love Spirals Downwards is a breathtaking turn to a completely fresh direction for the band. Expanding on the synthesizer-based songs from their previous album, "Ever," Flux consists of a unique blend of break-beat techno and Love Spirals Downwards' trademark heavenly vocals. The result is slightly more upbeat than their previous releases, but still a very enjoyable listen for even those who aren't necessarily into the techno sound. The important thing here is to have an open mind. Most fans will not be disappointed. Highlight tracks include the opener "City Moon" and "Nova," which sounds very reminicent of "Halcyon +on +on +on +on" by Orbital, which was known from the "Mortal Kombat" soundtrack a few years back. Basically, this is one that you put in after a long at work and R E L A X too.

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Band photo taken from the Love Spirals Downwards Website