No Man's Land

Dream into Dust: No Man's Land

Review by Rotwang

Dream into Dust, formerly known as December, is a project centering around Derek Rush, and currently including Patrick Hogan of Figurehead and Bryin Dall of Loretta's Doll. Their first release as Dream into Dust is a four song EP entitiled "No Man's Land," and can best be described by just those words. The first track, entitled "The Lost Crusade" is a pulsating industrial song military snares complimenting the World War I lyrical subject matter. All of the tracks melt together into what is obviously intended to sound like one long piece, as opposed to four shorter one (shorter being a relative term, considereing that "Dissolution" is a 12-minute soundscape). By the second track, "Age of Delerium," we slow down into a more subdued mood, which leads to the the maddening soundscape of "Dissolution," which itself, is overlayed by impulsively prophetic spoken word resulting a mood not unlike that of Francis Ford Coppola's 1979 Vietnam epic, "Apocalypse Now." According to Dream into Dust's own words, this the mood and sound of "No Man's Land" is inspired by "Ulysses' Gaze," an epic film by Greek filmmaker Theo Angelopoulos. We finish off our descent with "Seasons in the Mist," a more classically sounding piece that sounds like a "dining on ashes" ending to the film that is this EP. I must say this an excellent release, and if you happen to see it at a store, definately pick it up. I, personally, cannot wait for "Dream into Dust's" first full length release. If a four song EP is this good, I can't wait to see what a full album would be like...

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