Ancient: Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends

Review by Wicked Fae

Albums of this caliber are often referred to as "musical slumps." Ancient, though striving to become the epitome of black metal, cannot achieve what Cradle of Filth has done to the scene. They are definately a stereotype to end all. Though being Norwegian black metal, they come off as English style in their ways.

Probably the laughing stock of the Norwegian Black Metal movement, they try to stay afloat with lyrics like, "Use our (psychadelically tainted) tongues to caress Shiva's writhing marbled body," and guitar chords resembling '80s "butt-rock" with "Black Funeral sounding like Rush at the beginning complete with Motley Crue screams! With members with names like "Jesus Christ!" (yes, the exclaimation point is part of his name), they have failed miserably at a Cradle of Filth-esque album. Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends is filled with laughter, obviousy intended to sound menacing, butmore or less makes you laugh yourself.

The album actually gets worse as the songs progress, and very little lyrical talent is used. Sometimes growling, sometimes trying to sound like Andrew Eldritch, they obviously don't understand what they want to achieve musically.

The attempt to be something they are not is utterly repulsive. Though their previous album, "The Cainian Chronicle," shows more ability, Ancient lacks the talent it takes to be undertood and respected as black metal artists.

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